We see your space differently

3A dizajn works in designing and fabricating custom ordered furniture, kitchens and business premises. The quality of our products and customer satisfaction are our most important goals.

What does space say about us?

There are countless models, colors and combinations, but only you can find those which reflect the wishes and interests of your family and you. We can make your ideas come true.

Classic and modern

The materials we use to make furniture are characterized by high quality and modern design. We only use products of world-famous makers, such as: EGGER, KAINDL, FUNDERMAX, FALCO, etc.

Custom fitted closets

With these closets in the flat, problems simply - disappear! Fitted closets make life easier, more comfortable and organized, and are an irreplaceable part of every modern home.

Kitchen - secret ingredient

Every kitchen harbors a story or brings back memories. You need a special one, made just as you imagined it, because that wonderful room will give a special taste to the food.

Living rooms

The appearance of the living room provides people with hints of the things that you cannot tell them about yourself. It is like writing a story with custom-made furniture.


You need a bedroom to your measure – one where you will sleep peacefully and wake up full of positive energy.  It is possible to sleep in a space which you have always dreamed of!

Business premises

The solutions our company offers can help you utilize your entire business premises, and make them functional, comfortable and pleasant. Professionalism at first sight!


For us, designing represents a true art of creating comfort. The 3D models made in the design stage create a clear picture of what you have conceived or what we have suggested to you.