Additional features

3A dizajn – LED lighting (Light-emitting diode)LED lighting (light-emitting diode) is being used more and more in interior design, because it is economical and durable, but also environmentally friendly. It does not contain hazardous materials like mercury or lead.

LED strips are an ideal solution for lighting your space, and they save money and energy. They are easy to implement and represent an effective detail in your kitchen, closet, living room, office…

3A dizajn - Additional featuresThe additional features which we use in the fabrication of kitchens provide for the more simple use of the kitchen elements. A well organized kitchen can make the preparation of food an enjoyable experience.

You can use the advantages of modern products and make a kitchen with soft-closing systems, a good organization of drawers or install an efficient PUSH system which enables you to open a drawer or door with a simple touch.

Every quality closet incorporates a perfectly silent and highly durable system of door railings.

For a well organized interior of the closet, we install the following equipment: wardrobe lifters, various holders for ties and trousers, mechanisms for shoes, partitioned drawers.

In the fabrication of kitchen elements, we use the products of the bets-known world manufacturers of fittings, like BLUM, GRASS, HAFELE, HETTICH, LAGUNA, BLANCO.